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Wrath of Zerybus 2

2011-10-24 05:09:41 by DashGalaxy 793-wrath-of-zerybus-2

That's a link to the game I've been working on for six months. You should download it if you're reading this.

It's a parody/homage of classic Adventure games like Legend of Zelda, but with it's own original and funny touch. Also, I made all the music.

Why isn't it on Newgrounds? It's a downloadable .exe file, not a Flash game.

Dash Galaxy is on the Attack!

2011-03-22 11:53:53 by DashGalaxy

So, what's new?

I just found a decent 8 bit plug-in for Fruity Loops, so I'm going crazy and making new songs almost every couple days. You should probably check them out and rate them and stuff.

Just sayin.

If you haven't seen Akira yet, drag your ass to the video store and buy it for eight bucks.

Dash Galaxy is on the Attack!

New songs by Dash Galaxy?

2011-01-22 02:06:08 by DashGalaxy

You betcha!

Go check um out if you haven't already.

More music on the way...

2010-11-11 20:46:02 by DashGalaxy

This is Dash Galaxy, or at least the guy who makes all the music using that surname. Anyway, I've got three songs up right now with more on the way.

Anyone who wants to use any of my songs is free to do so, as long as you give me credit under my surname (Dash Galaxy, of course). Also, if you could send me a private message before hand, we can get in touch.

Who wants to know what influences me when I make this shit? Well, here are a few bands (most of which aren't even chiptune, but still influence my music):
* Dag Nasty, Soul Side, Fugazi, Rites of Spring and other underground punk
* The Octopus Project
* Jefftheworld
* The music from Earthbound
* The music from Chrono Trigger
* Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats, The Hippos, Mustard Plug, Less Than Jake, other ska bands
* Screching Weasel, ALL, The Descendents, NOFX, No Use For a Name, Lagwagon and other pop-punk stuff

Yup, I'm done now. Be on the lookout for more stuff soon!